Andrew Rothery APAGB
Circle 10 is pleased and proud to announce that its longest serving member, Andrew Rothery, has received the PAGB’s Meritorious Service Award, APAGB.
Andrew is also the longest serving member of Halifax Photographic Society, first joining in 1982.
During his membership, he has held every officer post in the Society at least once and many, several times, with the exception of treasurer. He has been the society’s President twice. In recognition of his work for the society Andrew was made a life member. He is currently Halifax’s Syllabus Secretary and Yorkshire Photographic Union Club Representative, a role he has held over 40 years.
Andrew has a passion for film-based photography and continues to inspire others to take up traditional film and darkroom work. He was well known on the Lecture circuits giving talks throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire on developing and printing monochrome images. Although generally, interest in wet printing has waned over the years, Andrew is still occasionally called upon to give his talk; his most recent being earlier this year. Not satisfied with giving talks he has also given darkroom printing demonstrations taking along an enlarger, safelight, chemicals & printing paper and the essential bucket which he filled on site with hot water to keep the chemicals at the right temperature. For any budding darkroom worker there is no better person than Andrew to approach for help in setting up a darkroom and tips on film and print processing.
In 1998 his passion for monochrome photography led him to join forces with Stuart Noble and Don Whitley to establish the Yorkshire Monochrome Group. Throughout YMG’s 25yrs. history he has been responsible for constructing the programme, organising speakers and ensuring that a good lunch is provided. He also arranges for YMG speakers to spread the gospel of Monochrome photography to other clubs in the region by giving talks and displays. It's fair to say that, without Andrew, the YMG would not have made it to their 25th Anniversary.
In 1986 Andrew joined the Yorkshire Photographic Union Executive team, a position he held until recently. He took on the role of Folio Secretary, a once very busy hands-on role. He still holds this post today. During his 38yrs as a Exec. member he has supported the Union in all its many activities from Keighley Days to advisory and assessment days. He has and is a very active and popular YPU judge (he has seven bookings so far for 2024) and is happy to “judge cold” on the night.
In his judging and lectures, Andrew doesn’t just focus on the technical aspect of photography, he is always keen to explore what’s behind the image, the creative thinking that led to the photograph and photography as an art form not merely as a craft. This has made him popular throughout the clubs in Yorkshire.
Andrew’s activities are not restricted to Halifax PS, the YPU or YMG; since 1988 he has been an active member of the Postal Photographic Group promoting traditional darkroom approaches to photography. He is also an active member of United Photographic Portfolios Circle 10 and a member of Gamma and the Leica Society.
In 1990 Andrew won the prestigious Nottingham N&EMPF Monochrome best print competition. However, Andrew has never pursued post nominals but nonetheless has entered countless Halifax PS, YPU, YMG and UPP exhibitions with numerous successes over his 40yr. photographic journey.
All his work on behalf of photographic clubs and their members resulted in the presentation of the PAGB’s Meritorious Service Award, APAGB, on 24 February 2024 at the AGM of the Yorkshire Photographic Union, from which he retired that day.
Peter A Young HonPAGB – Circle 10 Secretary